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I am four days into No Spend Jan and so far so good. I've been doing a lot of reading, organizing, and planning. One of my goals this year is to get back to the weight I am most happiest at. It's true - when you hit 30, your metabolism just puts on the parking break and decides to take a nap right along with you on the couch. I've always been on the low end of the exercise spectrum, with nothing sticking for very long. I wondered if I could combine my two greatest motivators - food and money - to kick me up into high gear.

The following apps have been my favorites so far due to how easy it is to get started and the right level of challenge. It's fun getting paid to walk!

Sweatcoin - this app is for those of us who really don't want to do anything more than walk. And this app pays you to do just that - walk. You accumulate sweat coins that convert into Sweatcoin currency that can buy different items, gift cards or even donate to charity. The app doesn't calculate you walking inside of a house, so its a good nudge to get you outside. I also like this app because it tracks my steps in a fun visual way.

Achievement - I love this app because they come at it from the perspective that fitness is a process. You connect a Health app (like Apple Health or Fitbit) and can earn up to 80 points per day doing various activities such as walking, logging food, biking, you get it. Once you earn 10,000 points you earn $10. You get paid $10 for every 10,000 points. It's up to you how fast or slow you want to earn those dollars.

Healthywage - this app is for the folks who want to lose some serious weight and have a fun challenge while doing it. Healthywage has a ton of different challenges you can join to lose weight but the one I'll be doing is the Healthywager Personal Bet Challenge - you bet against yourself how much weight you can lose in a certain time period. Using the Healthywage calculator you enter your goal weight and calculate your potential earnings. You can increase your winnings based on your goal weight and how much you are willing to bet you will lose it. You have weekly weigh-ins throughout the contest and if you meet your goal you win the prize!

The last way to get paid to exercise is using no apps but having your partner or friend put money into a monthly "pot" and see who can lose the most weight. My partner and I have decided to put in $250 each for this month and see who loses the most at the end of the month. Winner takes all. We've also decided that when we eat meals together, if one of us eats an unhealthy meal (like me and my life commitment to nachos) then it adds $15 to the pot from that person's pocket. We want it to sting.

It's pretty awesome that there are a bunch of apps out there giving out free money for us to move our bodies without thinking too much about it. What do you think? Up for trying any of them?

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