How To Get Free Stuff From Amazon

As many of you know, I am in the middle of my No Spend Month, and I entered one of the biggest grounds for temptation - Target. I had schedule an eye exam a long time ago and had 30 minutes to kill beforehand. I walked around Target and the old me would be grabbing things left and right. The new me thought, I can't believe I used to come here every week and buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff! I walked out with literally nothing except an eye prescription. Nothing wrong with Target, but it feels good to not be triggered and impulse buy!

Back to the blog topic - how do you get free things from Amazon? I like to go the route where I double win. I use my Chase Sapphire for almost all purchases, including bills. So I've racked up quite a few bonus points. Chase Sapphire gives you the option to link your points to Amazon, so you can use your points to make purchases off of Amazon. How awesome is that? If you buy a lot of things off of Amazon this is an easy way to save money and only purchase things when you have the points for it.

What do you think? How do you spend your credit card points?

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