No Spend Month Reset Instead of a New Year Resolution

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Let's be real, I've never met anybody who actually completed their New Year's Resolution. Nothing against folks who set them - I admire those disciplined individuals. I just know myself and I'll be off the New Year's Resolution wagon come second week of January. What I can commit to is pushing a big reset button when it comes to my finances. A No Spend Month is an opportunity to give my credit-card-swiping-wrist a break for a month.

My structure to not spending for a month will be to obviously pay for bills and food (no restaurants or food delivered home). I do buy my lunch at work, so for this first time I've decided to not cut that out as I feel it may be too overwhelming to add a new routine. I have a few get-togethers already scheduled so I won't be twisting myself in a pretzel about not spending there. I have two birthdays in January which I'll pre-buy the gifts this month and snag something from the hundreds of sales going on. I also have a work trip to NY, so I'll need to plan in advance for that one. Other than that, it'll be a month of no Amazon Prime packages (won't be slaving away breaking down the cardboard!), shopping or impulse buying.

What will I be doing during my month instead of scrolling on Instagram looking at the next thing to buy?

1. Organizing my life. During the holidays we relax and let ourselves get messy and ease up on the organization. January is the perfect time to shake off the cobwebs, do a couple jumping jacks, and tackle organizing your life. I know for me, I'll be organizing this blog and my content.

2. Payday at the home gym. The only exercise I've ever done consistently in my life has been the Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike. There's no better investment than in your body and health and cashing in on a stronger, fitter you. Let's see how many days I can clip in this month.

3. Read a book that I forgot I bought. If you've been reading my blog, you know I love to read and what I did to get my spending habit for books back in control. I can't wait to go into the closet under the stairs (yes, this is where our books live) and find myself some books to read. I've been wanting to read Pachinko, a best seller on so many book lists and a gift from my partner last Christmas. I'll also go through my Kindle and see what I bought and never read.

4. Finish one of the online classes I signed up for. Guys, I am a sucker for an online class. I have so many half-started classes that I need to finish and this is the perfect time. May the learning begin!

5. Try new recipes. I love to cook and will be looking forward to cracking some of the many cookbooks I have. Hopefully that will keep things interesting as we won't be going out during January.

5. Work on my side hustle that I'm always saying I wish I had time for. I am obsessed with illustration drawing. My Instagram is a scroll through of illustrators. I always tell anyone who will listen how I wish I could learn to draw. I even bought "The Joy of Watercolor" and have yet to crack it open. I'll report back on how many drawings I get through.

What do you think? Is a finance reset easier than a New Year's Resolution? Let me know in the comments if you are going to give it a shot!

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