How I Track My No Spend Month Challenge

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

I am nearing the end of my No Spend Month with one week to go. Unexpectedly, I've learned so much about myself. I say unexpectedly because when I set out on my No Spend Month it was more to reset my spending and commit to kicking the year off in the right direction. I ended up reflecting a lot, being introspective about my habits, and overall proud of my journey. It feels good to be this early in the year, and already proud of what I've accomplished! Next week, I plan on writing a long post of the ups and downs of my challenge, but along the way I realized that I needed something to keep me going and motivated. I needed something to make it fun and something I could carry around with me.

I created a guide for myself that I printed out and put on my kitchen table where I could always see it. The artistic side of me loved using different colored pens to cross out the days as they came and went, drawing icons for days I tried new recipes or worked out, and also marking days that I fell off the wagon and ended up spending. I've always admired people who use planners and make them so colorful and fun. This was the perfect low key planner-type activity to keep me organized without having to stress about filling it out everyday.

I also found myself tracking three main questions during the month. They were there to help me reflect on my goals and remind me why I was doing this because it wasn't always easy and many days I just flat out fell off the wagon! I ended up really loving this guide because it helped me stay non-judgmental towards myself, but also see how far I've come.

I am sharing this guide with you and hope that it will help you on your saving journey! I'm thinking about doing No Spend Challenges once every three months. Let me know if this guide is useful for you and if you use anything to track your progress!

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