Sell Books on Amazon To Make Extra Money

Last month I wrote about how to stop impulse buying. I mentioned that I have a list of things that are on the "okay" list to impulse buy. One of those for me are books. I love books. I try to push myself to read as much as possible, and I am also one of those people who prefers holding a book to a Kindle or iPad. Even on airplanes, I will lug a 300 page book and balance it with my drink and ginger cookies. That being said I hate clutter, and I realized that my book buying habit needed curtailing. I don't know about you but I rarely re-read books. I also will impulsively buy a book after seeing it on a recommendation list and crack into it only to discover its not for me. So with all of these books lying around I thought, can I make some money on Amazon reselling them?

I pulled all of the books I wanted to sell, and made myself a Seller account. It's pretty straightforward but make sure you select the individual plan instead of the professional plan because otherwise you are charged $39.99, instead of $1/per sale. I did not go the Fulfilled By Amazon route, and based on this blogger's experience it was the right choice for me. No sooner had I finished uploading all of my books, a sale came in! Woosh! I had forgotten that exhilarating feeling of getting a customer sale. An hour later, another sale! I scrambled to grab the books that had sold and head over to the post office. Pro tip: buy some mailers for a cheaper price than at the post office. I paid double for the mailers at the post office, cutting into my profit.

In 24 hours, I sold 7 books. So far, I've been setting my prices as the lowest price, under cutting everyone else. I am okay with doing that since I'm learning, want to get the books out of my house, and some of the books were 5-6 years old. Going forward, I'll be more competitive, especially since I've learned that on average shipping is more expensive than $3.99 (the average Amazon price).

I see this not as a way to make money but break even on a habit that costs me quite a bit. It's been a great learning experience for me because it's reminded me how much I hate going to the post office every day like when I had my jewelry business. That being said, it will make me think twice about buying a book as I know I'll have to flip it, so it's a great stop gap to excessive buying. It's also good to know that best sellers flip pretty easily, and I can save a little money on my habit. It's also got me thinking about the side hustles I want to commit to long term. I'll be exploring drop shipping next and will make sure to share my results with you.

What about you? Have you thought about selling on Amazon?

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